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How much memory can I use?



I would like to acquire movies and save to the HD form my fast speed camera via NI PCIe1433 frame grabber. The movie is uncompressed, 1280 x 1040 pixels, 8bit pixel depth, and 500 frames per second. So, a 10 sec movie would be 1280x1040x500x10 ~ 6 GB. I could get a movie of 5 seconds (2500 frames) using the simple vi attached to this message, but when the frame number was increased to 10000 (10 sec), the program was frozen. I am wondering what the problem is.. Is there any limitation on the memory use by Labview?


Judging from the task manager, Labview used 14 GB of the RAM out of 32 GB. I use 64-bit WIndows 7 and 64-bit Labview 2011. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Getting a memory chunk of that size will be a problem, i'd suggest making an an array of clusters containing arrays of 1000 pictures each. That way each array need alot less continous memory. There's some threads on working on large datasets which can give you some ideas.



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Thanks for your quick reply. I think I understand the general idea, and will try to implement it..

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