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How do you make third party application window backmost using labview

Hi Guys


I know i can do whatever i want on labview windows.i can make third party application window frontmost.

But How to make third party applicaiton window backmost using labview.







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Need a little more information.  Are you launching the window from LabVIEW?  Is it Windows OS?

Matthew Fitzsimons

Certified LabVIEW Architect
LabVIEW 6.1 ... 2013, LVOOP, GOOP, TestStand, DAQ, and Vison
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It is not windows applicaiton.

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It is Window OS application. but not belong to microsoft. i lauch this third party applicaiton from LabView , but when it is open, it will be on the top of everything

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Hi wenjie1wang,


I have attached an example that uses the "Call Library Function Node" that accesses the "user32.dll" file that is responsible for manipulating with the windows such as minimising it. 


After opening the VI you have to enter the name of the window you want to minimise, you can hard code that as a constant. Also on the front panel the control "nCmdShow" can be changed to dictate the action you want to do with the window. 


Furthermore, please look at the Microsoft Developers Network to find more useful ways to use the property node in your project.


Let me know if this works.



Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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