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How do I pass a string structure into a VI?

Sorry I've been away from this for a while...


I like this solution and I think it would be simple enough. Can you provide a few more details about just how to do this? What are you comparing the "now time" to, exactly?


Also I have added a "START" switch to the front panel, which is handled by an event case (sub-case?) in the "process_events" case. I would like for the "change speed" (or whatever we call it) case to only run if Start is toggled ON. In simplistic (probably non-labview) terms, can I add some sort of "IF" statement to the the "change speed" case so that it first checks the Start and does nothing if the switch is not toggled on, else it actually does check / change the speed?



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To start with your new question, in your change speed case you can connect Start (or a local of it) to a case structure. Maybe Start and Change speed events can be put in the same event so you can use the controls directly?


As for the timing issue, something like this should work:



The shift register holds the time of last execution, so the other case only transfers that wire.

I now see i also need to add a True constant to the "stop loop"



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I have a similar problem. I would like to control my DMX-J-SA stepper motor with LabView and recieve information about the motor's position back through an NI 6008 DAQ. Any suggestions?





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That's pretty much exactly what I did.

I don't have access to my VI right now since it was a summer gig for me but I got it about 90% of the way there.

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