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How do I output a digital signal from a MATLAB-generated binary input?



I am new to LabVIEW and am having great difficulty getting it to output a digital signal. I am using LabVIEW 2012 along with an NI PCI 6731 AO card hooked up to a BNC 2110 board. The 6731 card features four analog output channels and 8 digital I/O lines. I am already using all four analog output channels and am in need of a fifth output to control a motor that interfaces with a high (>3.3V) or low (<3.3V) signal. The rest of my analog output signals are being generated in MATLAB, and ideally, if I could use MATLAB to feed a binary array (010100001110001 etc.)  along with a time array that instructs when the digital signal should be high or low, that would be perfect.


I've tried using DAQ assistant to accept a 1D array of digital waveforms, but am having trouble getting those waveforms to agree. I've also tried simulating an analog signal and using a comparator to convert it to a boolean array, but that also doesn't interface with the DAQ assistant. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please advise.

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If I understood correctly, you are trying to output this binary stream.  Would you like to output it one bit at a time on a single line, or are you trying to write to the whole port at once?  


Have you tried looking at the shipping examples that come with LabVIEW?  I would recommend you look at the digital output examples.  Click Help>>Find Examples....  Then navigate using the folders too Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Digital Ouput.  Take a look at those examples.   Do these do what you are trying to accomplish?  The Digital - Finite Output example seems to be more or less what you are looking for.  Do these examples help you?




Shane C

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