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How do I control a device by the DAQ TTL?

I bought a potentiostat that is controlled by a DAQ. The potentiostat's software isn't very good. I want to develop a vi to make some experiments, how can I know the type of command I must send to the device through the DAQ (6023E) ?
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If you can give us the model number of your device it would help us to try and find info. If you have information regarding what control signals it requires that also helps.

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The equipement is an Omnimetra potetiostat PG39.
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Hi Rafael-

I am unable to access the website you linked- I am prompted to enter a username and password.

Regardless, in order to get information about control signals required from your device you will need to consult either with the device manufacturer or your user manual. Unfortunately NI does not have this information available as it is not a device manufactured or marketed by us. If you are able to find this information it would be very helpful in suggesting how to design the control software in LabVIEW.

Thanks a lot,

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Tom W
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