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How can i get overlapping waveform? ^^

hey guys need some Help... as usual the guys here are the best! Smiley Very Happy ^^
Here's my VI and diagram that need rectification...hope you guys can help again! thanks! Smiley Happy

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here's the diagram! ^^
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hey guys this is the modified VI of the first one....
Hope you guys can help me so thay i can get my desired waveform which will overlap after a delay!
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ooops forget to post the VI! Smiley Very Happy
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The overlapping of thw waveform is due by a it posibble?
hope you guys can help me in this last hurdle!
thanks! ^^
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Just to clarify, are you wanting to acquire one waveform from your instrument, then acquire a second waveform and overlap it on the same graph?
Try using a For-Loop with shift registers for that as in this pic:

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Jarrod S.
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for my design of my VI, where can i place the shift register or how am  i gonna implement the shift registers to my VI! Smiley Tongue
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anybody? Smiley Very Happy thanks and have a nice day!
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From your post here, I was under the impression that you wanted instrument A to output a pulse and then instrument B to output a pulse after some fixed delay. If that's true, you're not even close in your program. First, take all of the instrument setup out of the two loops and put them (one after another) outside and before a single loop. Instrument B should be configured for an external trigger source and instrument A should be configured to output a trigger. Set the trigger delay of instrument B to be what you want. Physically connect the trigger output of instrument A to the trigger input of instrument B. Then, inside of a loop, all you have to do is issue the software trigger command to instrument A. You could issue a software trigger to both instrument A and instrument B but the timing would not be very accurate and you certainly can't do it with two separate while loops.
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i mean want the pulse B to be overlapping the 1st pulse....Meaning that first pulse havent finish transmitting, the 2nd pulse will come in , into the picture according to a specific delay
For the case where transfer Pulse A, dealy the Pulse B , i have completed it! ^^
Just that now i am having problem to get it overlapping! ^^
thanks! have  a nice day all! Smiley Very Happy
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