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How can I save front panel images each time a loop iterates

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So I've been working on some optical codes in LabVIEW for a while, I've read a lot of these similar questions but I can't seem to apply them directly to my situation in all cases.


I essentially have a code that shows an intensity graph that is continually modified in a for loop, I want to save a picture of that intensity graph each loop without having to manually label them. Is there something similar to the get image node that can do this. I've looked through the image acquisition in the vision VIs but only see references to hardware like cameras.


Attached is a simplified version of a changing intensity graph. With the get image I have to establish the names of 10 images and the path there before it will run and save like I want it to.


A million thanks to anyone who can help


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Not sure what you are looking for.


Do you want a label that appears on your image before you save it to a file?


Do you want your filenames to be automatically generated each time an image is saved to the file?


Something else?

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you can use the iteration to create your path.

Otherwise you can define all the paths in a string array.


I´ve modified your example.




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That worked wonderfully and is exactly what I need for the phase diagrams Im working with. I have a new and similar issue, I do have a camera showing us our laser source in a CCD image within my code. I was hoping to get a picture of that each iteration and hoped the solution you provided would work for both but the CCD jpgs are just black. I'm assuming I may have to use a different acquiring technique with that but dont know the best way to go.


Any help there? I cant really post a VI since the camera stuff wouldnt work but heres a screen shot of the front panel and the CCD image that id like to capture.



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