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How can I open/close (serial) com port in LabVIEW for IC-3120?

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I want to get data from sensor to Industrial Controller(IC)-3120 product through RS232 communication.


In some basic serial examples of LabVIEW (e.g. Simple, most of them use VISA to configure, read/write, close the COM port.


What I want to know is how should I make a VI so that I can open & close the COM port and read the data package from the sensor using IC-3120.


Can I just use VISA as example VIs? or should I do some different way?


Best regards,

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What have you tried? What didn't work? The serial port on the IC-3120 is standard present as VISA resources, so your questions make me assume that its a presales question or you have not bothered to try it yet? For a presales question you would however be fairly late as it is a mature product whose final order date is December 30, 2022.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I sincerely appreciate for your earnest answer.


It was the very first time that I tried to use RS232 communication with IC-3120 product.


So I was wonder if there is specific way to use serial communication with that product.


Thanks to your advice, I could make VI for obtaining sensor data with IC-3120.


Again, I appreciate for your great help, and I hope wonderful events are waiting for you and your family in this new year.


Happy new year!


Best regards,

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