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How can I build Oscillator in LabVIEW?

According to the documentation, the dll for function OutputAnalogChannel takes two U8 numbers, so your CLFN seems misconfigured (as wll as all other calls).


You probably need to scale your waveform from 0..255, then place the CLFN in a FOR loop, autoindexing over the array. Add a suitable delay inside the loop.


Overall, your program makes no sense from a dataflow point of view. Most of your button and knobs are read only once and then never again. Try to make a simple state machine instead.

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Same issue as here:


EDIT: Here are the original LabVIEW VI and DLL from Vellemen.  LV 8.  Rename the K8055D.txt file to K8055D.dll

Looks like another good reason to spend a bit more money on an NI card. Smiley Wink

LabVIEW Pro Dev & Measurement Studio Pro (VS Pro) 2019 - Unfortunately now moving back to C#, .NET, Python due to forced change to subscription model by NI. 8^{
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I use now another way to get my square pulse. I want to make it as a function of time. Now I have only one pulse, I want continuous signal. Any tips how can I do that?

I am losing the signal out of the While Loop, how can get it out of the loop?


I want to apply my square wave after period of time (10min.) I though about "IF statement" and time controller. After t=10min. (for example) my square signal is applied. I want the "t" to be variable I can select the time I want.


I included my file in case you want to have a look to what I did.


Any tips, help and advice are welcome. 


Using LabVIEW 2010, PC: Windows XP

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