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How To Fix Library Problem

  I would like to align lots of images. My project gives those errors:


     Subvi 'IMAQ ComplexParticle' : Subvi is not executable

     Subvi 'IMAQ ComplexMeasure' : Subvi is not executable 

     Function not found in library.  


Here is the project:

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Do you have IMAQ drivers installed and licensed on the PC you are working on?

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Yes. There are lots of IMAQ functions in the palette. However, those are missing.  

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Try reinstalling IMAQ, perhaps they were corrupted or deleted somehow.

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Which version of LabVIEW are you using and what version of IMAQ do you have installed? The VI you posted was written in LabVIEW is possible that those functions have been replaced/renamed over time?


Edit: Nevermind, I opened the VI in LV2012 and it ran fine without errors. I suggest reinstalling the IMAQ/Vision toolkit/drivers - I have NI-IMAQ 14.5, the Vision Development Module, Vision Common Resources.

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