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Hot to AutoScale a Graph Nicely

Hot to AutoScale a Graph Nicely



I am using a graph to view continuous occiliscope data.  The problem is, the top of the graph gets very close to the top of the y-axis, causing the graph to change sizes very rapidly in response to small flucutions in the data.  I would still like to autoscale, but I would like to give it some more buffer room at the top and bottom of the y-axis.  Is this possible?




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Re: Hot to AutoScale a Graph Nicely

There's no way I know of to control the logic of the autoscale operation. I believe the autoscale property does allow you to ask the graph to only autoscale once, but that won't help you, because if I understand you correctly, you want the scale to be larger than the actual content.


Basically, you're going to have to come up with the algorithm you want and then implement it using the range properties to set the scale and something like Array Max and Min to get the data. Note that it can't be as simple as MAX + X, because you would still be affected by the changing value of MAX. You would probably need to add a percentage or use the Quotient and Remainder primitive to control the size of the jump.

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