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High Level language Interpreter in labVIEW?

This is a question of curiously: is anyone aware of any high level language interpreters written in LabVIEW?  


I recently wrote my own BASIC like language interpreter as part of a custom LabVIEW test suite to allow scripting without needed to edit the LabVIEW source code and it got me wondering if anyone has done anything similar?


It could be BASIC, Pascal, C, etc.


I did find this one site that lists a tiny BASIC interpreter that has been ported to a lot of different languages (but not labVIEW):

so there seems to be a lot of interest out there.


My only google search hits for LabVIEW interpreters are for CNC G code.

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Well, Mathscript RT is mostly written LabVIEW, I think (maybe I am wrong....).


I takes matlab style text based code.

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Promising, but without "behind the node" access to things too inflexible for what I had in mind - I was interested in languages with labView source code so I could add custom "hooks" behind the scenes" i.e. expand the language


Also no run time changing / loading of a new mathscript program unless you are using the full LabVIEW compiler (not a runtime application) :

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Something similar takes place in the formula parsing VIs, but it is quite limited. The code is open, so you can look at it in detail.

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I've never used it personally but I think LabPython might be what you are looking for.

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