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Hexadecimal String To Number conversion

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I was trying this way to simplify both code on stm32 and labview.

I also discussed with a mate and he suggested me to reduce the baud to 9600 and this solved the problem without any others changes. This is a bit weird but works.

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@giomarinna wrote:

I worked hard and I improved my code but there is one last problem.


I attach some screenshot which allow you to better understand.




Screenshots are typically quite useless (with exception). We prefer VIs.


I am glad you (apparently) solved the problem, but this code is just pure madness! Properly done, the code would probably fit on a postage stamp. You can unflatten the substring containing all data to an U16 array using little endian, scale, and display in an array. You should also really use more unique names. Having one terminal named "Cell 1" and another one "cell 1", and the numbers not even matched along the wires can give you unlimited headaches in the future. Wouldn't calculating 5/64k once be sufficient? Why is one of the items I16? Do you expect negative values?




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