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Help required urgently please help

Guys I have a Labview project and i need to email it straight away to my college lecturer, the problem is that when i attach the project file none of the VIs or the shared variables or project report are sent along with the original attachment just an empty project. If someone could please guide me through the steps in sending all the required information that would be great. I have attached an image of my project explorer window which may help you understand what it is im trying to do. All help will be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Rock4,

you have to send all the used vi's with you project, if they are not part of the vi.lib.

It's not only the project.


Or you build a source distribution.



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Hi Mike, can you explain how to do this please im right on the deadline now. Not sure what this means



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You could either zip up the entire directory or make a source distribution.  The latter is a better choice because it ensures that all of the dependencies are included.

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