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Help needed with enabling the digital module


My current code: Once the captureIT.txt is found, the FPGA target in invoked and data acquistion is perfomed. I have used 20 Analog channels and 1 digital channel for data acquisition code.  


But I need to add in a part where if Drive.txt is found, I will have to enable only one more digital module to high and not the rest.


Knowing that there can only only one bitstream file, How do I make changes in my realtime vi so that I can perform both the cases by invoking the fpga target once? 


Any ideas on how do i proceed? 


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Hi ravi_93,


I can think of 2 options


-Having 2 bitfiles in memory and configure the RT VI with a case structure containing the FPGA Open Reference pointing to one bitfile or the other.


-Converting the FPGA VI into 2 similar subVIs with the necessary modification and have a case structure in the FPGA VI.



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