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Help Reading Text Configuration File

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Need some help...


I'm trying to make a VI that'll read a simple text configuration file.  The file will have entries like:



Port = 9000


What I'd like to do is to read in the line, and  'parse' it into 2 strings.  Then, based on the contents of the first string (the part before the = sign), do something with the second part (after the =).

I've managed to open the file using 'Open/Create/Replace File' and but am having problems reading  'Scan From File' to pull in the strings (it seems set an error when I read in the first line although my probes show that I got both strings).

Anyway, once I've got my 2 strings, is there a simple 'case' like strucure that I can use to search through all my pre-defined 'first strings'? 

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You don't have to build anything new. Just use the Config File VIs - check under the File IO functions. They will do exactly what you want.



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Smiley Very Happy Great!  I was hoping that I wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel!


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Right on Mike!! The Config File VIs are very useful. You might still need to do some string manipulation afterwards but that's up to what you're wanting to do. Remember: If someone answers your question fully in a forum, please...please...please set it to the "answer" so future forum-perusers will have an easier time finding solutions. Thanks and Happy Wiring!!
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