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Hello! I need help witt my student project.

I had to make virtual digital ocilloscope - with:

-Up to 4 channels selection

-Sampling frequency (10 - 100Hz) (for DC signals)

-Number of samples per cycle (100 - 1000 samples)



It works with my NI-PCI-6229 card, but now I have to make it work with Advantech PCI-1711 card.

Any help?

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Each and every one of the DAQmx functions will have to be replaced with Advantech functions. It's unlikely that there would be a one to one relationship. You will have to study the Advantech functions in it's library.


Your VI is also setup to perform only a single acquisition unless you use the Run Continuous button. Do NOT use this special debug mode for operation. Put a while loop around your code.

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