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Gradual increase and then constant voltage output

Hello everyone,


I wnat to output voltage like the picture I attached.

Increasing voltage till some time, then output constant voltagae till some time.

I tried to use "Ramp", but I found that this vi could not output constant voltage.


There are some other demands:

1. based on Multi-Function-Synch

2. Sampling rate is not important, from 1k Hz to 0.01Hz are all right.


Thanks for your help.

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You can output contant value using the Ramp pattern itself but it is unnecessary to use it. Try the attached example and you have lot many ways to achieve that.


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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Thanks for your reply, P Anand.
But this vi did not work in Multi-Function-Synch
I use Multi-Function-Synch to control 1 device and monitor 3 device at sampling rate 10 Hz with USB 6211.
This is the additional information.
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