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Google Earth Plugin and LabVIEW: High CPU usage when adding placemarks



I posted this question on stackoverflow earlier this week but feel it might be better suited to the LabVIEW community specifically so I'm reposting here:


I'm writing an application which uses the Google Earth Plugin to display events on the globe. Each event is a single point kml placemark with an icon which is a 3kb png file. Placemarks are uploaded to the plugin as they are received by the software. I am experiencing increasing CPU usage with the number of placemarks that are added.


I have tested displaying a new placemark every second and running until the software running the plugin completely froze (graph attached). The GEPlugin (green trace) stopped responding (i.e. the globe did not respond to the mouse) at around 1200 placemarks added and CPU usage was at ~30%. When the software itself (red trace) froze the plugin was using around 50% CPU and ~3700 placemarks had been added). After the freeze, no new placemarks were added which caused the software to respond (but not the plugin) so I could clear all the placemarks. After the placemarks were cleared from the globe, the CPU usage of the plugin returned to around 5% CPU.


So what I've seen is that GEPlugin CPU usage increases linearly with each kml placemark added. Is this the expected behaviour/ a normal limitation of the plugin? If not is there a more efficient way of adding many placemarks to the globe?


I am using GEPlugin version (API version 1.010) and LabVIEW 12.0f3


Please see the test results attached. Any input greatly appreciated!


Original stackoverflow post:

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I have had a look at your graphs and understood what you are trying to do. To me it seems that as the image gets more complex it gets harde to render which wold likely cause increase in CPU usage resulting in the freeze. I would suggest you try running the program on anoher computer to check on the RAM front of things. If this is a limitation of the GE Plugin then unfortunately I can not do much to help, but if you think this is a problem coming from your LabVIEW code then you can post your code here and I can take a look.

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