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Getting started with Control using Labview, which Labview and DAQ to get



I want to control theory by myself (Had 2 class at university, but it was not my strength back then). Basically, working out my S transform and Z transform probably some in the loop simulation.

From what I understand I will need the control and simulation module to do so, else I won't have the required tools (Not looking to using the  PID block only).


However, it seem the community edition don't have the control and simulation module. Student edition does seem to have it, however student edition is somewhat phased out (last version is many years ago), and not as available as it used to be (most redistributor don't have the student version anymore, and it seem to be mostly windows focused).


Anyone have insight on the best way to get started with control ? Is there a way to get control module as add-on for community?


My plan was to get the needed Labview + control and a MyDAQ or myRIOT

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