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Getting data from a Forcemeter via VISA

Hello dear LabVIEW Forum users,

i want to measure a Force and a way for the way i have a NI-Daq device that works but for the forcemeter there are no drivers i connected it via USB to my Laptop.

As i never worked with VISA so far im kinda clueless watched some Videos but there is basically just the functions.

I then found in this Forum the hint to the Example Continuous serial write and read wich i use in the following picture


I wanted to read from it so i activated the read lamp. with the lightbulb i follow the program execution and everything works until the VISA read function then i get the shown Error message how can i get my data from my device shown in Labview and optimally shown in a chart over time?


Help is much appreciated 😃

Greetings Tomlab

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Hi Tom,


@Tomlab wrote:

i have a NI-Daq device that works but for the forcemeter there are no drivers i connected it via USB to my Laptop.

Please provide more information!

Which kind of "NI-DAQ device"?

Which kind/type/manufacturer of "forcemeter"?

Why do you mix "DAQ" and "VISA" within one sentence?

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Hi Gerd,

the NI DAQ works fine sorry for the confusion.

My issue is with the Hahn&Kolb Elektronisches Handmeßgerät HK-Nr. 44 180 für Kraft.

I can only connect this device via USB and not via the NI DAQ so i gotta use the VISA functions?

I simply want to messure the force and have that Data transfered to my Laptop meanwhile and show that in a chart.

The other function with the way measurer works fine so far.

The Problem is with the example VI for Visa i found the Visa Read funtion always cancels 


when i press the button onthe device 1 set of data is transfered but after a few seconds the VI cancels itself with this error message.

As you can see threre are some Values but i cant figure why the Vi gets shut down?


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You are getting Timeout error. This usually means your serial communication properties are not correct. 


Make sure you are using the proper serial port (Com port)


Make sure you are using the proper serial communications protocol (Baud rate, Parity, Stop bits, Start bits, Flow control, etc.)


Also this video might help as the LabVIEW serial communication example programs are not very good examples of how to do serial communications with LabVIEW.


VIWeek 2020/Proper way to communicate over serial

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