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I'm trying to get files from ftp. But I've some problems, all I test doesn't run...


I need to read periodically (each 30 seconds) a folder on ftp server ( to see if it is avoid or not, and what are he files names (I dont' know them per advance). If I find files, I have to move each file from ftp to local folder (C:\temp).


I hope there are some ftp functions to do it easily with LabVIEW, but I don't find them, or I use a bad syntax.

I work with LabVIEW 2018 SP1 on a Windows 10 Computer.

Thank you per advance for you help!



Francis M
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Hello Cisco,

a good starting point is always the Example Finder. You can find it in the Help menu. There you can just open the 'search'- tab and type ftp. Try the shipped example.

Greets, Dave
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Hello Dave,


Thank you, but I've checked examples without finding solution… I can' use the function "get file" (wich open the connexion, transfers file and closes connexion) because I need to discover files names; And it doesn't run… 😞

When it will ok, I think be able to copy files, but 've still Nothing find to delete files on ftp after copy...


test ftp.png

Francis M
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Accepted by topic author Cisco

Did you try the passive mode? I'm sitting behind a Firewall and this forces me to use the passive mode. The List Files- VI has an "Active"- Input too, it should be false then.

Greets, Dave
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Thank you, it's much better like this! I can read the files list and do the copy.


test ftp2.png


My last problem is how to delete files on ftp after copy...



Francis M
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I've finally find the delete function, in one of the 3 lvlib of "C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 218\vi.lib\FTP" (ftp 1.lvlib).

It's perfectly run, thank you Dave for your help! I post the code if it can help someone...


test ftp3.png

Francis M
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