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Generate array of n ramdom numbers and create a second array in ascending order

Im new to labview and i need help with d6.6 in labview 2009


Create a vi the generates N random numbers, where N is a user input. Display the N random numbers in an array, and in a second array display the same random numbers in ascending order 


thank you for any and all help

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We won't do your homework for you.  So please tell us where you are stuck.


You can use the Random Number in a FOR loop to generate your initial array and then use Sort 1D Array to get a sorted array.

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Im not looking for someone to do my homework. I just would like some help. To give me like a hint or a small push in the right direction. Or even link to sites or video anything will help

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You were given everything except the actual code.

There are several tutorials here. Did you do a search?
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crossrulz has already told you what to do , you just need to use random number function present in functions palette with for loop, you can search how to make array using for loop and then simply use Sort 1D Array function( present in functions palette) as crossrulz told to display numbers in ascending order.

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