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Generate Report Object Reference.ctl

Hey everone,

I am working on Labview report generation toolkit upgrade and some of the VIs of NISH.lib (generate_...  .vi) require different type of input.

Is there any way to convert these two control between each other?


C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2011\vi.lib\Utility\NIReport.llb\Generate Report Object Reference.ctl

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2011\resource\importtools\NISH Report\Generate Report Object Reference.ctl





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It is not advisable to upgrade the VIs inside 'LabVIEW' folder.

Instead you can copy to another location and then do the modification.


Also, It seems you are trying to do something different!

What is exactly your need?



Yogesh Redemptor

Yogesh Redemptor
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Hi Yogesh,

I already copied the missing files I found in Labview folder for my modification in my project repository.

I am currently upgrading a labview code written with previous report generation toolkit vis. I found some of the missing VIs under NISH Report.lib but once I placed those vis into my project I had broken wires due to mismatch in "Generate Report Object Reference.ctl" file.

Those missing VIs in my above link requires me to use "Generate Report Object Reference.ctl" that belongs to NISH.lib that cause problems in the code integrity.

I just wonder if there is any VI(like the attached VI I assigned manuallly) or any labview implementation as a reference for the best way to have a workaround to this problem so that I switch from one ctl to another without loosing my report reference?



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