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Generate MiniTab Graphs/Charts using Labview Data

Hi guys,


Since MiniTab can now take external data and generate graphs and charts from it, I thought it may be beneficial to pass this along to others that may want this functionality in one of their apps. The BD is wide and not optimized for speed but the code does work. By all means go ahead and make this your own and speed it up where you think you can. I am still working on what Commands need to be fed into the Project Node.


What this code does it it takes data from a 1D array and runs a RunChart and spits out a MiniTab chart in JPG format so you can paste this anywhere you wish. There are many other formats to choose from so go ahead and play with them. I’ve only played with the JPG format thus far.


By no means am I an expert as Labview coding or the MiniTab API. I'll help where I can but I may not get to in a timely manner. My company was working on a project using Excel data to MiniTab and returning reports back and thought I would try Labview and it works.


BTW, I am using MiniTab v17 and you’ll need to reference Mtb 17.0 Type Library. I am not sure of other versions have this (I think v16 does) so use at your own risk.

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Hi Eric1977,

Your program very well, I have a problem now,I want to use the commands

to get a picture, including open a file, processing and save a

picture, such as run a macro command in the minitab window,how should I write

the labview program?  thanks.

the commands as shown below.

WOpen "E:\Minitab\Cpk-0708H00.csv";

Capa '90V Turn On(T1)Ton 11VS' 100;
Lspec 255;
Uspec 280;
Toler 6;
gsave "C:\1.png";

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I am not sure how you should write it. How do YOU think you should write it? Try something and if you can't figure it out, start a new thread describing your problem.


As to the MiniTab report I did it was I loaded the data I was going to use directly into MiniTab and just started played with what graph or chart I wanted until I got the desired output that I was looking for. Then I went into Show Histroy (CTRL+ALT+H) and looked at the code used to generate that Minitab chart/graph. Copy and Paste that into the ExecuteCommand "Command" Invoke Node (it expects a string) and you have a photo of your chart to do whatever you want to do with it. Remember, this is version 17 so newer versions could be different.


It looks like you have that down but I would try it with some known good data and run that just to make sure your graph or chart is what you desire.

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