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GPS module L80 with myRIO


In this video ,they have used PmodGPS.Is it possible to interface myRIO with L80 GPS module.

Please help me with this .

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Searching for the specific type I come up with this page for a datasheet. Are you really interfacing to the chip directly or are you using some module like this one from Digilent?


What are the problems you are having? Is it wiring up the module to the cRIO? Is it the configuration like setting of the baudrate? Or is it the actual communication?


Maybe this is what you need to get you on your way? By replacing the chipKIT WF32 with the myRIO, the entire tutorial can be almost taken verbatim  for your situation.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Sir, I want to interface L80 GPS module with myRIO instead of PmodGPS.

Due to lack of availability of PmodGPS I have decided to work with L80 GPS module.

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