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Front panel to block diagram issue

I'm having an issue with some lab view code. When I load the VI the front panel will not change but the block diagram will show a change if I probe a wire. I can fix the issue by


  1. unwiring any indicator on the block diagram
  2. rewire the indicator 
  3. start the vi 
  4. the program works 
  5. If I save the vi and close it and reopen it the issue returns anyone see this before I have turned off the AERO on windows and it still happens 
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Never saw that before.


What does the dialog box say when you go to File >> VI Properties >> List Unsaved Changes  ?

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Can you share the print screen of this error?


Did you complete any VI project at previously or this is your first project? 

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No error pops Up I can probe the wires in the block diagram and they read but the front panel doesn't update.

When I hit the stop button on the Front panel at the top of the VI it will load the indicators on the screen before stopping 


Im offsite today and will be back at the site with the issue in the morning.


I will try and do a screen record tomorrow 


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