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Freq Entry XControl, first XControl attempt

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My first attempt at an XControl is attached. I'm looking for feedback on things I may have overlooked and areas where the code could be improved. I'm also not completely satisfied with the control's appearance so any suggestions in that area would be good. The version is 8.2.

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Hi gchristi1,


It looks pretty good so far!  The only big thing that I saw was the code outside the event structure that sets certain values and appearances.  I would try to put this in certain cases of the event structure or within a case structure outside the event structure.  That way you don't call this multiple times unnecessarily.

Jared S.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thank you. Intuitively, the code outside the event structure didn't look right.


The thermometer example is pretty good, but outside of that, it's kind of hard to find XControl example that I can relate to.

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