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Free SNMP module for Labview?

Free SNMP module for Labview?

Does anyone know of a free SNMP module for Labview? I need it for a project
and I have no budget to work with.

Please respond cc: to



Bret Silberman
RedHat Certified Engineer
Internet Security Consultant
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Re: Free SNMP module for Labview?

Bret - this won't do you any good in Linux, but there are several good ActiveX SNMP controls that are cheap or free. You'll need to search, I don't remember their names.
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Re: Free SNMP module for Labview?


Look at

They have a SNMP Toolkit for LabView.
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回复: Re: Free SNMP module for Labview?

does anyone have the example snmp by IP*Works! S/SNMP V6?
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Re: Free SNMP module for Labview?

I tried to work with Viodia's Toolkit and unfortunately, I am not already an expert at SNMP, so I could never get the examples in the toolkit to work.

The VIs don't seem to be initialized to ready-to-run states or documented well, either, and phone calls to Viodia did not help. In fact I was told point blank that "since most of their customers are familiar with SNMP already, they can figure it out." For $1000 and a very limited license agreement that comes with it (anyone considering buying it should read it carefully first), I expect more help that what is available. I decided not to buy the toolkit based on this experience.

I sincerely hope that National Instruments supports SNMPv3 themselves so that we can get examples and code that are easier to use and integrate. NI's examples are generally very effective at providing good example code that can get even beginners up and running.


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Re: Free SNMP module for Labview?


I am one of our product managers and interested in your feedback and suggestions for SNMP with LabVIEW.  Feel free to post here or if you have specific suggestions email me at



Product Manager

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