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Flat sequence doesn't execute sequentially

The subVI is subjected to changes, the while loop in the subVI doing different kinds of daq or processing.  When I add new processing or change daq method, I don't need to change the main VI.


If posssible, can I see your demonstration of a better way of doing what I said with the subVI?


@altenbach wrote:

I don't understand why you even need a subVI? All this could be done in a very simple flat state machine. I assume this is a simplified demo of some more involved code. Can you explain what the purpose is?


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Yes, could you suggest good ways to do the following?

(1) When user click 'start', the loop in subvi runs processing and output progress (xloop and yloop),

(2) When user click 'cancel' (can be the same button or another button), the subvi finish calcellation, then the start button is back to default again, waiting to accept user input for another processing.

(3) If user doesn't click "cancel", the subvi will finish all processing, then change the 'start' to default, waiting to accept user input for another processing.


@crossrulz wrote:

But it only changes when the user clicks it.  And for the subVI to stop, the user much change the value to FALSE.  It is not your writing to the property node that is doing that.


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