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Final Proyect

Hello everyone, I need help with a project I've been working on.
Design a program in labview that, when entering a QR code that represents a student, registers their data in string controls (name, control number, major and semester), and when entering another QR code that represents an object, a sequence that will be the following: READ QR, IN USE AND AVAILABLE in the same indicator string, and likewise each object must have a quantity of stock marked with a serial number that can be selected using a combo box and that at the time of carrying out throughout the QR operation, these stocks are added or subtracted depending on whether they are in use or available when the entire QR operation is carried out, and that when there is no longer available stock of the same object, it is marked as unavailable.
- You must recognize 6 different students.
- You must recognize 6 different objects.
- Each object must have 6 stocks, all marked with a serial number,
- At the time of carrying out the operation, the quantity must decrease when the object is in use and must increase when the object is available, and when stocks are gone, you must mark the object is not available.

All of this should go into an Excel data sheet that should keep track of the student's data, object data, serial number, status (in use or available), the number of objects left, departure time and entry time. Likewise, when a new student is admitted, they must be registered in a new row
The fact is that the only thing that is missing is that at the time of performing the QR operation the amount that remains is marked, as well as how this amount changes when an object is in use or has been returned, and also that when there is no longer any more stock is marked that the object is no longer available. I also need to ensure that the moment another student registers is marked in another Excel row since it does not create another row for me but rather the data in the same row is changed to that of the new student, and that is not what what am I looking for.
I am attaching my labview file in case someone wants to review it and tell me how I can do what I'm looking for.

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Ask for your money back.  They didn't teach you how to write decent code.

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