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File path control-how to avoid the user to change the path string

Hi all,
I'm using "File path control" to chose file name. I don't want the user to write the path in the control directly (by typing) but only to choose the file via the button on the right.
I can implement this behaviour with path indicator and button of course. But I belieave that it can be done more elegant - only disable the part with the string - not the whole "File path control". But how? I tried to customize the control but not success.
Is it possible?
LV 8.0.1, WinXP Pro
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The way I've done it is to make the path part of the control tiny and hide it behind a string indicator.  Then whenever the path control changes value (by pressing the Browse button), I populate the string indicator with the path value.  Here's a sample VI demonstrating this method, saved in LabVIEW 8.0.

Hope this helps,

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You can use the coloring tool and make the path control transparent. Customize the control and move the little black object on the left side to behind the browse button.
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Both thanks! So easy 🙂
LV 8.0.1, WinXP Pro
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