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FPGA compilation problem for Xilinx ISE 14.7

Hi, all
I have created a labview FPGA VI followed the steps of the example in "NI 5761R User Guide and Specifications". In the first time, the FPGA VI can be compiled successfully, but if I rebuilt it without any change for the second time, it threw out a error message. "Labview FPGA: An iternal software error in the labview FPGA module has occurred...Error 61499 occured at ...".
The hardware I used is NI FlexRIO Module 7966R with NI 5761 AI, and the software I used are Labview 2017 SP1, Labview FPGA 2017, and Xilinx compilation Tools for ISE 14.7(2017).
Strangely, if I uninstalled Labview FPGA 2017 and Xilinx ISE 14.7(2017) and reinstalled them, I can compile the FPGA VI successfully for another time, but also only once. Then the error reappeared just as above.
I wonder if something treated not correctly and thanks for your kind help.

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One possible cause of error -61499 is the presence of a corrupted DLL. This DLL is per158.dll, which is usually located in a file in the user's temporary folder. Search for the user's temporary folder path and look for the per158.dll file. You can delete this file and regenerate it correctly the next time the FPGA VI is compiled. So after deleting this dll file, recompile your VI.

Note: Another solution to the problem is to check the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ National Instruments \ LabVIEW \ 9.0 \ AddOns \ FPGA compilation path is set to C:\ NIFGPA2009 \ Xilinx \ ISE. If you save the xilinx tools to a different path than the default path, ensure that the build path is also set to the location associated with where these files are placed. Also make sure that all necessary files are included under the Xilinx\ISE path. For example, the NIFPGA2009 \ Xilinx \ ISE folder should have a size of 3.74GB. It is also possible to get this error when writing an FPGA VI. This error is related to some special FPGA nodes (such as DMA FIFO nodes). To fix this error, you can delete and recreate the nodes of these FPGAs.

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Hi, wyy645

      Thanks for your replying! I have searched the per158.dll as you mentioned, but it dose not exist in my computer folders. And in my HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ National Instruments \ LabVIEW \ 17.0 \ AddOns , I can not find the item of "FPGA compilation path". By the way, I used Labview FPGA module of Version 2017 and I did not change the default saving path of my Xilinx compilation tools. As I showed in my attachment files above, the error emerged just after the step of compilation progress of "estimate resources".

      Could you give me more suggestions?

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Hi James74,


Error -61499 is caused by a corrupted FPGA module and compiler in system.

You may try to follow this link for the solution. If the problem still occurs, try to uninstall LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, Xilinx and any RIO drivers. You may refer to this link. Reinstall LabVIEW and then follow the order in the above link to install back FPGA, Xilinx and RIO drivers.



Jared Loy

National Instrument | Applications Engineer

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