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FLexRay xlFrSetConfiguration() VI

Actually I never started developing a FlexRay application or LabVIEW wrappers for those functions in the vxlapi.dll

It was never needed by my department.

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Hello,these are the VIs  that i used in my project around 2 years ago.I didn't put them into a perfect library project due to the deadlines I had at the time but if you read the vector documentation you will know how to play around with them to achieve your goal.

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were my files of use ?

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Good morning,

also I am developing an API for FlexRay communication using Vector VN7610 tool.

I was able to successfully transmit and receive FlexRay messages.

I have a problem with cyclic transmission. The update of the messages is slow.

Let me explain (code attached):

I send messages with incremental counters every 10ms. With my cyclic transmission, the count is not as linear as it should be. To update the counter, every 10ms I call the XL_FrTransmit function (portHandle, accessMask, eventBuffer) contained in FrRefreshTxFrame ().

It seems like the VN7610 tool gets overloaded with TX requests.


Is there another way to update the message?


Thanks for the help, regards.



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