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FFT implementation in myRIO FPGA

So i looked up the FFT example in the find example section of labview. I wanted to implement it practically on myRIO fpga. 

When i made the code and run it in Simulation mode, it works absolutely fine. But when I change the execution mode to real fpga, the waveform graphs show random values. 

What are the key factors i have to take into account when changing the execution mode from simulation to real fpga? 

i am attaching the pics of both the graphs (upper graph is of my output waveform and lower graph shows fft) 


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Please attach your code.  We greatly prefer code that we can open with LabVIEW (which allows us to look "under the covers"), but a Snippet of code can also work.  Without know what you are doing, it is only guesswork to tell you "how to improve it".


Bob Schor

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this is my VIs. 

One VI is for fpga VI implementation. 

the other vi is for Host vi implementation

the third is only a sub vi i made to combine the configuration of fpga part 

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Thank you for your quick response.  As per my suspicion, you are working in a LabVIEW Real-Time Project environment.  To really understand and provide the best help, can you please take the following steps:

  1. Put the LabVIEW Project (.lvproj) file, the three VIs you attached, and any other sub-VIs you've created and are using in a Windows folder.  [Chances are, you have already done this when you created the Real-Time Project.]
  2. Right-click the Project Folder (containing the Project File and all the LabVIEW files needed for the Project), choose "Send to", and choose "Compressed (ziipped) folder".
  3. Attach the .zip file.

I've not done any SCTL coding with the myRIO FPGA yet (our sampling involves 16-channel A/D, but at aggregate speeds on the order of a few kHz) -- it might provide a "learning experience" for me ...


Bob Schor


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here is my lvproj. 

so it has 2 vis in both Windows target and 2 in Fpga target. 

the one named stcl are the one i made for execution in simulation mode 

the one name orignal impl is the one i editted for fpga real execution. 



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Hi Bob,


Thank you for replying but i have been able to successfully implement FFT in fpga real time execution mode. 

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Congratulations on getting your FFT working in the myRIO FPGA. 


There are probably other LabVIEW Users (and students) who may want to learn from your example.  Please create a Project that demonstrates the working program and include all of the Project files in an Attachment -- it is a nice way to say "Thank you" to the Community.


Bob Schor

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