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Export Excel Graph to Labview

Export Excel Graph to Labview

anyone know is it possible for me to export a plotted graph in excel to labview or straight to microsoft words?

i have tried to export but result i get is in data form, i want the whole graph i see in excel to be able to extract out into Labview or microsoft words.


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Re: Export Excel Graph to Labview

Export the graph in what way? As a picture going into a LabVIEW front panel? As data? You can't export the graph from Excel and have it magically reproduced in LabVIEW, if that's what you're looking for. The graphs in Excel and LabVIEW are totally different. You'd have to get the raw data into LabVIEW and re-graph it using the LabVIEW graphs.


I also don't understand what you're trying to do with Word between Excel and LabVIEW.


To control Excel or Word from LabVIEW you'd use ActiveX. There have been many examples posted on this, so a search will yield them. As for Excel there is also the Excel thread. That thread contains links to many examples. NOTE: DO NOT POST QUESTIONS IN THAT THREAD.

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Re: Export Excel Graph to Labview

the reason i doing is that in excel, i can format the graph i want, like having the x axis value to the data i choose.

cos now im trying to format my graph's x-axis to my selected data in labview, hoping it can be like in excel.

so now since i cant find ways to set the x-axis value in labview, i thought of going a bigger round by putting it in excel template and plot the graph and retrive it to labview.

the purpose or retreiving it to labview is that i would want my end result to be at microsoft word with graph.


get the idea? its kinda long winded thou

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Re: Export Excel Graph to Labview


You seems like you are in wrong direction.

See you can dynamically change both the axis. Even you can change data.

So where are you stucking.


Else you post your Plots requirment.


That will be better option.




Labiew programmer
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Re: Export Excel Graph to Labview

ok, here it goes.


currently, at labview, im trying to plot a graph with a few sets of data, each has 11000 rows of data.

and 1 set, i have to set it as the X-axis




i have seen examples suck as using a text label over it but it not i wanted it as in the end, i will have to export the graph out to MS words.

before i have created this tread, i had post a tread asking bout it but it seems that i cant edit it.

Here is the tread


so now the way i thought of is by plotting it in excel since it is able to edit the x-axis and bring it back to labview hopefully.

seems it kinda messy but need lots of help



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Re: Export Excel Graph to Labview

In the future, please indicate that you have already asked this question so we don't waste our time trying to figure out what you're trying to do. Your requirements were spelled out in the other thread and we could have saved time if we had known.


As I noted, if you do the graph in Excel you can't export it to LabVIEW, since it doesn't understand Excel graphs.


You were shown several alternative solutions for doing this in LabVIEW, but all you said was "i have seen these 3 threads but it seems that i cant find the solution i needed.". Why not? What wasn't offered by those alternatives?

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Re: Export Excel Graph to Labview


 was hoping that there really is a better solution.

there is so much limitation i have encounter, now i have to keep on finding other solutions.

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