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Event Structure Problem

Hi All

I am newbie to LABVIEW and trying to set up my instrument in this case structure (attached here). It seems that it does not even go beyond initiation or Timeout stage. 

I would really appreciate if someone could help me with that.



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Thank you for including your code.  However, you are using an unknown (to us) DAQ Device for which we don't have the drivers (because we don't own the device, probably, but that's only a guess because the device is "unknown").


Does your device come with a manual?  Does the device come with LabVIEW drivers?  How are you supposed to communicate with it?  If you open MAX (NI's Measurement and Automation Explorer), does the Device show up under "Devices and Interfaces"?  If so, have you tried running a Test Panel to make the Device "do something"?


Is there someone at your location who has any LabVIEW experience?  An older student, perhaps?


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob

Thank you. I am using LABJACK device and it comes with its own VIs. I have tested these devices and they are working perfectly fine. Problem arises when I try to add some EVENT STRUCTURE in my state machine. So actually, I was concerned about my EVEN STRUCTURE set up if I did it right or I am missing something. 



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If I run your code (with all the missing subVIs taken out) I can trigger different event cases. It is not an issue with the event structure.

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When you change a setpoint, it will use whatever value you had in the setpoint when the program started running. You should put the controls in the event case that they trigger to make sure the most recent value is being read.

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Any terminals outside of your loop will only be read when the VI starts up.  You are always using your old values for Set point, Set point 2, and Set point 3.  Move those terminals into their respective event cases.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I had them inside and it din't work so I have to move them out so that they have at least something to begin with. However, my devices i.e. flow controllers were not responding at all to set values, in any case. Upon turning "highlight execution", I realized that even structure could not even move beyond "Timeout" case.


I am facing the same issue with my STATE MACHINE where even structure does not go beyond Timeout stage and it does not even run SUBVI and shown "subVI waiting to run".




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It should keep running the timeout case until you change a value or do something to trigger another event. Which event case are you expecting it to go to?

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I expect it to run the MFC at certain value set from front panel. 


Thanks anyway to confirm that it is not Event Structure that is problem here. 



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Are you changing the setpoint after the VI is running?

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