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Error 7 occured at Get LV class Default

Hello Friends,


We have LabVIEW Vision Code, when we use with LabVIEW project, code works well.


but when we build EXE and run into system then error occurred as shown in attached picture and system not runs.


In this system, We have used Adlink PCI 7230 DIO card along with PLC. this error is regarding Adlink PCI library.


I also add library into project and build exe includes library. 


Please help ...



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There is not enough information to help you. It is obvious that your application uses LabVIEW classes. And it seems to use some sort of message dispatch framework such as Actor Framework maybe?


Your problem is that when building your application you are not including all the classes that it tries to call dynamically at runtime. Or the path that your Dispatch routine assumes the dynamic class to be at changed when building the application.


This is a rather difficult thing to debug and without the full access to the source code almost impossible to do.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Scroll down in that error description string and you should see the path that was received by Get LV Class Default Check if that path is correct and as @rolfk said, make sure that class is included in the build.

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