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Error 59 when sending emails or data

I have a code that reads humidity sensors and also writes data back to the controller trough TCP/IP connection. It also sends sensor data to thingspeak and sends emails when the values read by the sensors are too high or too low. I´m supposed to be able to run this code for about a month, but so far It only lasts about a day and then I get the error 59 "the network is down, unreachable, or has been rest". Until now I have only seen this error pop up at the send email and send data to thingspeak blocks. I found a subVI that I could use that´s supposed to check for the internet connection before performing the action, so I created this kind of "checkpoints" before sending any email or sending data but the error still comes up. Is there any other way to make the code wait until the network is back or stable before doing this actions without showing the error so that it continues running? Or is the only way to have a network that works perfectly 24/7?

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