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Error 201302

Good morning,


I am new to Labview and I am having some issues to get signal readings and logging them into a tdms file. When I enable the "log and read" mode of the logging function, the following errror appears on my screen:


Error -201302 occurred at DAQmx Start


I attach an screen capture of the error. I am trying to measure strain in a beam using an NI cDAQ9188 chasis with just one module NI 9237 connnected. The module is connected with a RJ50 cable to the quarter bridge accessory (NI 9944) so, in the end, I have just one strain gauge (120 ohm, 2.12 gauge factor) in a quarter bridge configuration.


Besides, I am getting very noisy readings, taking into account that there is no force applied to the beam, so strain should be zero at any moment. I would like which could be the main reasons for this amount of noise.

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I just figured out the first part of the question, it was the file path. I had put C:\Users\Carlos\Documents\LabVIEW Data which the folder where I wanted to save the file but I had not added the name of the file, even it had not been created yet. So by putting C:\Users\Carlos\Documents\LabVIEW Data\Test the VI works just fine.


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