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Error 200561


I am currently running a system that takes a 1V ampl, 1kHz sine wave from a function generator. I want that signal to be read by my DAQ (usb-6008) and then outputted to an external oscilloscope. However, I keep getting error 200561. The analog output range for my DAQ is 0-5V, so I applied a 3V offset so the entirety of the sine wave stays positive. I keep getting the same error. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Why loop it through the DAQ, why not just tap a signal directly to the oscilloscope?


Anyway, your error is saying that your AI measured a negative voltage and AO cannot source a negative voltage.

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The data you send to DAQmx Write is the raw AI data *before* you add the 3V offset.

The data you send to the waveform chart is *after* the offset.  This is where you need to branch the wire to send the post-offset value to DAQmx Write.



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