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Epsillon (electrochemistry) .DAT want to output plot of data

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I'm using Epsillon electrochemistry hardware.  The output is a .DAT file (which can be read as text in notepad).  I want to know if anyone can help me to have LabView read the desired .DAT, take the 2 columns of data and output a plot.  This would be extremely helpful.  I've searched for dat help in the forums, I don't need the file to be converted to excel then back out again since I have the two columns I need.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Thank You



Since the file doesn't upload for the extension, I've uploaded it here.

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If the file is indeed just ASCII (can be read in notepad) you can read it in with the normal Read Text File VIs.  The extension is just there to tell Windows what program to associate it with.  An text file is a text file whether the extension is *.txt, *.csv, *.dat, or *.lkjagfyglkfhhgy.


<EDIT> If you want to get numbers out in an array, you can use the Read Spreadsheet File function.  The same rules apply as above.

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I have the read spreadhsheet file function going on, I can see my values but i can't get it to the graph, I keep getting the source is 2-D sink is 1-D.  I have attached my file

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Try a waveform chart instead of an XY graph.

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Goodness, I really just can't get this going on.  I keep getting now that the sink is 4 elements for the waveform where the source is 2 elements. 

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So I've changed the output to a text file, its tab delimited but I'm still having trouble converting it to a graph x and y with column 1 and column 2 in the data.  can anyone help me out?

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First, go to Help and turn on Context Help. Move your mouse over the XY Graph. That will show you how to connect an X array and a Y array to it.