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Enable to access network shared variables from another vi

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I have a vi that will open the reference for all network shared variables and store that reference in the global variable. 

other vi will perform read/write operation on that NSV using global reference, 

Open Variable Connection in VI1 works as per expected and store the reference in a global variable, 

But when I call VI2 with same global variable it gives an error "

Error -1950678961 occurred at Write Variable in

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: The connection to the variable has been closed.

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Sumit Memane
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I would expect the NSV is closing its connection after the first VI runs. Try making a third "master" VI with a button for "run VI 1" and "run VI 2". Run 1 first, then try 2. If you just run 1 once, it'll open the connection to the NSV, but after it closes there won't be any VI's accessing the NSV, so it'll probably auto-release the reference.


You need to make sure the reference remains in memory, otherwise it'll probably get auto-closed.

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