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Enable custom control run time shortcut menu for controls inside a cluster

Hi.  I have a custom control (string control) with a custom run-time shortcut menu.  This custom control is in a cluster, and the cluster is within an array of repeat cluster elements. 

So this is a control within a cluster within an array.


When executed, the custom run-time shortcut menu does not come up for the custom string control. What comes up is the standard run-time shortcut menu for the control, with two additional items related to it being in an array : "Insert Element Before" and "Delete Element".  Or, maybe what I am getting is just the standard run-time shortcut menu for the array. 


Is there a way that I can have different custom run-time shortcut menus for different controls within my cluster within an array? 


Thanks for any help.


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Good Day


I have been able to replicate your results. The issue is with the array and not the cluster. The elements in the cluster behave as expected and inherit the run time shortcut menu from the custom control. The problem arises when the custom control is in the array. The custom run time shortcut menu does not transfer to the array.


To get the array to have the same run time shortcut menu you can save the menu from the custom control as a .rtm file and open it within the array run time shortcut menu edit window. LabVIEW gives you more options and more properties if controls are in an array.


I hope this helps.




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