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ERROR -1950679034 Shared variable

Dear experts,
I'm working in a project with Kepserver and Labview, I have a machine with one s7-1200 PLC and I built an interface to control some parameters and variables of this machine, I would like to install this application to another pc, I have installed Kepserver and it works fine, then I built the EXE and the INSTALLER, but when I run my application I found this Error -1950679034, "This error or warning occurred while reading the following Shared variable", I don't know what happened, I included the "Run time module", "DSC Module", and other complements, I have increased the number of installers but the application doesn't work yet,
I will be grateful if you can help me with some tips or advices, may be I am missing out some thing,
Thanks in advanced.

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There's typically an <exeFileName>.aliases file beside your LabVIEW AppBuilder executable that points to the OPC server (SharedVarEngine or KepServer).

I suppose in your case the app tries to read or write to a machine without  an SVE.


So if the S7 communicates with the KepServer on  machine1 and you have installed your control app to machine2, ensure that machine2 communicates with the OPC server on machine1.


if you installed your control app and KepServer on a new machine2, ensure that the S7 also communicates with machine2.


Hope it helps







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I'm grateful for your collaboration, my OPC server is working in both machines, the OPC reads all tags, I checked it in the quick client of Kepserver
I will take into account the <exeFileName>.aliases, I am going to tell you if I can find a solution.
Thanks in advanced!

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i have the exact problem

the pc without labview , have SVE and i can see sve in component services of windows.


did you find anything?
please let me know if you find the solution


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