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During EXE Build, I have to locate a missing vi

I am having a problem locating the call to a vi that my project claims is part of a library.  The problem that I am having is that when I build my executable I have to manually locate this VI each and every time I perform a build.  I have come across this problem before, but I was always able to locate the 'missing' or 'unfound' vi and repair it's link.  It usually was due to me performing a change to a library without a project that uses that library being open to be made aware of the change. It's driving me a little batty-wonkers.  


I have opened the calling library and searched through all of the vi's to find the subvi that it claims to need.  I have not been able to find it in the library that seems to want to call it.  The other thing that is odd is that as far as I know, that library isn't even used anywhere in my project.  It's just along for the ride because of my 'master' library being loaded into memory.


What am I missing?


Project Window.jpgFind Callers Result.jpg


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It sounds like your project may be corrupted. Try creating a new project and bring all of your needed files over. I know it's inconvenient but It may do the trick.

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