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Duplicating right-click menu across multiple controls

I am attempting to define a custom right-click menu across multiple controls, such that the state of all menus is consistent i.e. if the user checks an item within the menu whilst hovering over one control and then moves to another control and opens up the menu by again right-clicking, the previously selected item should show as checked. I want this to work across multiple controls within a FP but not necessarily across the entire FP.

To implement this functionality I have been playing with the MGI Menu Building toolkit, which is very nice. However, I've been unable to resolved a few issues, specifically:

- does the 'old' menu reference need to be destroyed before being rebuilt in each event case? Is the method (i.e. copying the entire state of one menu and writing it to the other and then rebuilding) employed 'correct' ?? Is there a better/correct way of doing this?

- how to get radio buttons within a sub menu to work? Even within the examples which ship with the toolkit they don't function correctly.
- how to conditionally disable specific menu items at run-time?
- how to destroy a menu reference upon exit without erroring? Currently, if the Cleanup VI is used error 1556 occurs upon exit.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated!

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