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Duo Core crash

Can anyone explain why new Dell Duo Core Latitude crashes after prolonged development in Labview 7.1.  The problem has occurred every time while right-clicking an icon or control.  It probably happens twice a day and cannot be corrected unless I reboot.  If I don't reboot, then first right click kills Labview.
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My dual core dell latitude D820 with LV 8.20 doesn't do it so you have hope if you upgrade. I can try with 7.1.1 tomorrow or so.

Tomi Maila
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I hope all is well. There is no reason why LabVIEW should crash while you are developping. Have you tried to generate an error log file? Please take a look at this document to generate a log file. I would then advise you to send an email to

Rudi N.
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