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Does Application Builder resolve .NET DLL dependencies?

Background: I have a VI which integrates a SubVI. This VI contains a Constructor/Methods of a .NET library (#1) . And this .NET library
integrates functionality of other libs (#2, e.g. Agilent.SignalStudio.N7615.dll).  The VI works very well in the LabView Environment.
But when I generate a Executable with the help of Application Builder, this functionality does not work - even I do not get an error
message.  (The functions inside .NET lib #1 are working, but not inside the #2 library which is called by #1)
In the directory Application Builder has created (data\ ) there is the .NET library (#1) which is called by the SubVI but no other libraries like
the Agilent.SignalStudio.N7615.dll are there.

How do I need to tune the Application Builder settings to solve this problem (/challenge) ?
Thanks in advance,
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You can include additional files from the Source Files page in the application's configuration. In the bottom right there's a listbox to which you can add files. You just need to have the DLL in the project file.
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