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Disabling right click in Adobe PDF(ActiveX) using LabVIEW

I am using Adobe reader 9 ActiveX in LabVIEW for report viewer(pdf files). I want to disable right click (see in attached image).


My questions are 

1. How to disable right click in pdf.

2. Is there any other pdf viewer available which don't allow right click and other options.


Other related suggestion are welcome


Note: Report consist of 200-300 pages approx. 

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Didn't try, but maybe using a right click event catcher and discard it on the ActiveX object.

Or even disable indicator if no scroll bar is necessary.


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Hello, Scroll bar is required. LabVIEW don't gives me event when I configured it for right click

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I give a quick look and it seems that the ActiveX do not have an option to disabled it.

Another workaround would be to put a transparent object over the activeX and create your own scroll bar to navigate in the file.

But I would prefer to try the internet explorer activeX that I think can read pdf and can remove scrollbar.



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I tried to put transparent object over ActiveX, but ActiveX is not allowing it. Also it is not possible to put external scrollbar because ActiveX invoke node don't give info. of number of pages in pdf file

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OK I did some search, and apparently since it is activeX, if the property and method do not allow you to do it, you cannot.

You can load pdf in internet explorer activex as well as many other file type. Internet explorer has more option... not sure you can disable the right click. but the idea is to find another ActiveX container that allow you to do that.

Other solution (not elegant) is to use the picture of the activeXcontainer and load it into a picture control. add a scroll bar that will be linked to the activeX scroll bar and refresh the picture... 

If you can afford it, replace your PDF as a picture and display them into a picture box. one file per page or one big jpg that contain all pages. Then scroll bar will set your position in the picture. zoom is also possible.



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As our report can be multiple pages of 500 or more, I think converting it  into image is not good option.


I have a software namely Kid Key Lock ( which disables right click mouse every where and works fine.


It would be great if it is possible to develop same thing in LabVIEW.



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Yeah the problem that I just discover, is that event on activeX object are not working. This is why we cannot capture right click and discard it. Limitation of LabVIEW....


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I didn't try yet, but here a possible solution.

I was able to control everything with the web browser activeX, but it seems that the adobe behave differently.


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